The Broadgate Tower Run Up 2019 - A Stair Climb Event For All Charities

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Total Motion Events; February 2019

The Broadgate Tower Run Up on 20th July this year will be the fourth edition of this increasingly popular stair climb.  Starting in 2016 with just a handful of charity partners the event has grown through 2017 and 2018, and has now helped dozens of charities tap in to these unique challenge events, raising funds and awareness for their causes along the way.                                                             

The popularity of stair climbs has been on the increase in the UK over the past 3 or 4 years as charities seek alternatives to the standard challenge events that are have become so prevalent.  Before The Broadgate Tower Run Up in 2016 stair climbs were solely organised by some of the larger charities, and therefore anyone that wanted to compete had to raise money for said charity.  This is how it should be, these charities work very hard to create and promote their own events having negotiated the inevitable pressures to balance the books and ensure the event is profitable.  Occasionally larger charities can afford to innovate and invest to build an event, focusing on the potential of longer-term gains and risking the shorter term pain, but where does this leave other charities that have smaller budgets and supporter bases? 

The Broadgate Tower Run Up is for charities that may wish to harness the power of stair climb events, creating a new fundraising opportunity for their supporters, without taking on the risks of a bespoke event.  We organise stair climb events for single charities, but we often encourage them to become a charity partner of our flagship climb before they consider taking the next ‘step’ and offering their supporter base a tailored event. 

The Broadgate Tower Run Up is the only stair climb event in the UK, which is entirely open for any charity to participate. There are multiple entry categories to ensure that there is a challenge to suit your supporters of all ages (8+) and abilities, from the single ascent (35 floors), achievable for those just starting their fitness journey, or looking for a super a quick time, up to the 3 ascent ¼ vertical mile and the 12 ascent vertical mile for athletes who are looking for something to test their endurance. The range of categories ensures that the challenge is proportionate to the participant, meaning there is a legitimate fundraising opportunity for all.  The bigger the relative challenge then the greater the sponsorship potential with entrants raising on average £298 in 2018, leading to a 10x ROI for some of our charity partners.

Last year we saw kids compete in our dedicated family waves, (usually beating their parents!) and fire fighters taking on the vertical mile in full kit along with all of the other participants creating an amazing atmosphere.  Once again in 2019 we will also welcome our charity runners alongside the international elite athletes who will be joining us as they make their way around the globe competing in The Vertical World Circuit, providing a fantastic back drop to the event.

Total Motion offers support to charities in their marketing efforts and of course takes care of all of the logistical aspects of the stair climb event from start to finish, leaving you free to engage your supporter base, with none of the worries of event organisation.

There is no cost or obligation to becoming a charity partner of The Broadgate Tower Run Up, so if you are interested to hear more about how you can bring stair climbing to your supporters then please contact us for more information.

Thank you to Ben Lumley for the images.