The Total Motion Aquathlon - Athlete Profile – Yiannis Christodoulou


Yiannis Christodoulou/Matt Hudson, Total Motion Events, February 2017

In the first in a series of profiles of GB AG athletes that will be appearing at The Total Motion Aquathlon on April 29th, here we introduce Yiannis Christodoulou. Many of you will be familiar with Yiannis for his fantastic running ability and success in aquathlons in recent years. If you’re not familiar with his competitive accomplishments then chances are you will have seen his hugely popular blogs via his Twitter and Instagram profiles. Total Motion asks the man himself about how he stays motivated and what he can’t live without in the pursuit of his goals..

Name:                      Yiannis Christodoulou
Tri Club:                   Adalta CC
BTF AG Category:   30-34
AG athlete since:      2016

Titles / medals:          

2016 European and National Bronze medallist
2016 PowerBar Trispirit Events Chilham Castle Challenge 5k, 1st and Course record
2016 Ocean Triathlon Lake Aquathlon, 8th June, 1st
2016 Whitstable Surf N Turf Aquathlon 1st
2016 Miles and Barr Alan Green Memorial 10 mile race 3rd Senior
2015 PowerBar Trispirit Events Chilham Castle Challenge 5k, 1st and course record
2015 PowerBar Trispirit Events Chilham Castle Challenge COURSE RECORD
2015 Sporting Events UK Alyesham and East Kent 5k, 1st


[Total Motion] Which is you favourite (multi-sport) discipline and why?

[Yiannis Christodoulou] My Favourite multi-sport discipline is running, I love running and really enjoy it more than the others. Although I am still very new to running since 2012 It is my strongest discipline and I am still improving.  It allows me to push my body to its limits and I like the fact I know I will overtake people.

[TM] What is the best piece of (sports) advice you’ve received?

[YS] The best sports advice I have ever received is the word REST. People dread this word and don’t want to take rest days; they think it is only for injuries. I can’t wait for my rest days, as I know this is when I am able to get good recovery ready for my next session and makes me stronger. By not having a rest day it can cause injuries and I have learnt the hard way.

[TM] What/who motivates you or what is your favourite inspirational quote?

[YS] Well for me its Gwen Jorgensen, she really motivates me when she comes from the mid pack and destroys people on the run. Knowing I am a good runner and I am able to overtake people in the run spurs me on. I am motivated also by being the best I can and improving myself. After having a successful 2016 season which was a shock for me, I am now motivated and hungry to make 2017 a better season.

[TM] What music/song do you listen to whilst you are training?

[YS] I don’t, never had. I like to just concentrate on my training and it is also very good thinking time.

[TM] What is your 2017 target?

[YS] Well after last year, I have decided to target the World Championships of at least a top 20 position and higher. This is my main target, other targets are to target podiums in the Nationals, Europeans and local events in Aquathlons.

[TM] What piece of kit/tech can you not do without?

[YS] Defiantly got to be my Garmin watch, I use it in every training/race to use the data from it.

[TM] What are the essential elements of a great event?

[YS] Plenty of marshals that know the sport, good instructions, friendly people and a nice crowd to cheer you on.


[TM] What is your greatest/most memorable sporting achievement to date?

[YS] Well last year was an amazing year and was something I never thought would happen. Coming 3rd in the  2016 Europeans aquathlon championships has to be my best accomplishment. I never expected it and I had to run very hard. I had to sprint the last 400m to go past two people. I seemed to find something that day I never had before. It was an amazing experience and I will never forget it.

[TM] Which event/challenge is on your bucket list?

[YS] For me this year is the Heaver Castle long distance aquathlon challenge. With it being a longer distance race and out my comfort zone I am very much looking forward to it.

[TM] What is your guilty pleasure?

[YS] Fizzy drinks but on the rare occasion.

You can follow Yiannis’ and his fantastic blog posts on the channels below.

Twitter:           @yiannis_83
Instagram:      @yiannis.christodoulou