The Broadgate Tower Run Up

Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Broadgate Tower Run Up

Saturday 25th November saw the last stair climb event in the UK of 2017 at the home of UK Towerrunning, Broadgate Tower.

Total Motion are always looking for ways to tailor events to the audience and at The Broadgate Tower Run Up in 2017 we did just that. Not only did we give the opportunity to raise money to more charities, with 20 great causes benefitting from the event, but we also gave those participants new ways to push their own limits and boost their fundraising.

In addition to the single climb option, climbers were also presented with the triple climb, ¼ vertical mile challenge for the first time in the UK – a chance to take on 105 floors. For those that needed testing further there was the full vertical mile – 12 climbs, 420 floors, over 10,000 steps!!! Even for the fittest of endurance athletes this still represents a huge challenge. The guts and determination on display in this category was truly mind blowing. Hats off to everyone who took on the vertical mile, and a special mention to David Harvey who competed it with a 20kg backpack!

The Broadgate Tower Run Up also hosted the final race in the in The Towerrunning UK Championship boasting a strong international field, staged over two climbs of the tower. The pre race favourite in the men’s race, Mark Sims, only managed 2nd on this occasion with Rauno Tiits of Estonia taking the win by 15 seconds over the 2 legs, with newcomer Mark Howard putting in a very strong second climb to clinch 3rd spot.

The female elite race was going to be close with strong competition from the UK as well as from La Verticale de la Tour Eiffel qualifiers past and present. Near identical climb times from Tricia O’Hara clinched 3rd place for the athlete ranked 6th in the US.   Amandine Bertrand, fresh from a recent victory in Paris took 2nd place. The winner, smashing the course record with both climbs was Sarah Frost, lowering the fastest time at Broadgate Tower from 5:48 to a staggering 5:19.3 with her first climb of the day.

This was an event that pushed the boundaries of stair climbing in the UK, so it was only fitting that we saw a new record set in the women’s category, but we also saw the emergence of some strong competitors, not just in the elite category, but also in the charity waves. Total Motion Events look forward to repeating this success in 2018.

A final special mention to all at Broadgate Tower, who continue to support Total Motion as we support charities by allowing us to use their wonderful venue, and also to Enertor, specialists in performance insoles and clothing, for providing prizes in the elite category.

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